20 October 2008

Game II: Summary

The second game featured the Americans, the Anishnaabak, and the Aboriginals.

  • The Aboriginals fell short of a culture win by about a dozen turns, largely because of tactical errors early in the game. For the most part, they kept to themselves, although the force of their culture was a constant issue for their neighbors, especially the Zulus and the Americans, who both lived across a small strait of water to the West.

  • The Americans were led by idiots for several thousand years, settling cities with massive production power but, you know, no food. A late game comeback wiped out their Zulu neighbors to the South, but only moved them from mouth breathing troglodytes to middle of the pack.

  • The Anishnaabak were the potential victors of the game, but they got lost in a search for revenge against the Japanese. After repelling an early Japanese attack, the Anishnaabak spent two thousand years preparing for and planning a naval invasion of Japan, which, while highly successful, also allowed the Aniyonega to cruise to the victory of their choice: not only did they win by culture, but they also were leading in the race to build a spaceship.

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